Tree Pruning

Nassau County, NY Tree Pruning Services

The main purpose of pruning trees is to maintain their health and aesthetics. We are excellent at pruning and trimming all different types of trees. We use a variety of methods including, elevating, thinning and crown reduction to make your trees beautiful.

Our Tree Pruning/Trimming Process

One of the first things we do is examine your trees for pruning. We usually find a lot of dead branches. These are very bad for the overall health of your tree. They inhibit growth, block sunlight from entering, weigh your trees down, are hazardous to people and objects underneath because they fall, and they invite infestation. Pruning is a mix of corrective and preventative maintenance and we provide it year round.  By being able to do things like trim live branches in order to increase light penetration and remove hazardous dead wood, we can avoid some serious issues down the line.

Fully Certified, Insured & Licensed

We are members of the tree care industry association, and are fully licensed and insured to prune your trees up to the highest standards of the tree industry. Feel free to call or e-mail us anytime for a reliable tree pruning/trimming estimate in Nassau County, NY.