Tree Removal

Tree Removal Services in Nassau County, NY

Although we try to save a tree whenever we can, tree removals in Nassau County, NY happen to be our most common service.  We have different procedures depending on your scenario. If a tree has not fallen yet or may be in danger of falling, we will send a licensed & insured hazardous tree inspector to check it out. From this point, we can let you know what your options are for either saving the tree or removing it. Whatever you decide, we will act on it.  If god forbid, it’s an emergency and the tree has fallen or a large branch has come down, we have all the necessary equipment needed to get rid of the problem safely and efficiently.

Reasons for Nassau County, NY Tree Removal

Removals happen for a bunch of different reasons. For example, storm damage can badly damage or take down a tree, you might want to clear trees out from your property for construction or zoning reasons, or your tree(s) may be sick. Damage from storms is our most common reason for having to provide Nassau tree removal. Snow, wind, ice, and rain are all major factors. They may have already damaged your tree years before and you weren’t able to notice until it finally collapsed. We handle a lot of this type of work. Either way, we can help you spot issues with problem trees that may be in danger currently as well as in the future.

Hazard Tree Inspections In Nassau County, NY

Although trees may appear to be beautiful and elegant, if either the tree or a large branch fall, they can cause large amounts of damage to your home, business, property and the people around them. There are many warning signs to spot in order to prevent a tree from possibly falling. These include:

  • Trees that lean
  • Tree with multiple trunks
  • Weakly attached tree branches
  • Trunk & branch cracks
  • Hangers-broken branches still lodged in your tree(s)
  • Cavities & decay-due to disease-fungus
  • Exposed Roots

If you think you may have seen any of these signs on your trees, this could be a possible indicator that your tree may be in danger of falling in the future. Give us a call and let us provide you with a thorough safety inspection.

Cabling & Bracing in Nassau County, NY

Unfortunately there’s not much anyone can do to control mother nature. We can provide all the tree care services in the world, but we can’t prevent things like lightning damage, or extreme weather from permanently damaging a tree. In cases like this, if you don’t want your tree to be removed, we have other options. Nassau County Tree Services provide something known as cabling and bracing. These are industrial support systems used to stabilize a tree’s structure in the event on destabilization. Feel free to call and ask us about this service, it’s a great alternative to Nassau tree removal.